Enigmarium: Elizabeth’s Treasure


The town of Slovenj Gradec was founded by the influential Counts of Andechs. Bertold V. of Andechs dedicated the church in the town to his niece, Elizabeth of Hungary, who devoted her heart and soul to aiding the poor and the sick. Her life was marked by numerous miracles. She died when she was only twenty-four years old. Just four years after her death, she was canonized as a saint. Among the best-known legends about Elizabeth is how from the very Lord God, she received the gift of a precious crown, a dress and some jewels. She did not want the treasure to end in the greedy hands of her husband’s parents, so she hid it.

Will you and your team will able to reveal the hidden treasure? Will you find the way to the secret chamber, supposedly located in the medieval mint in the town center of Slovenj Gradec?

Important information

  • From 2 to 6 players

  • the game lasts 60 minutes

  • Family friendly

  • Slovene, English, all other languages (language independent room)

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