Woop: Iluminati


Woop: Iluminati Story Enter a world of intrigue, conspiracy and elite social groups who want to reshape the world according to their own evil standards. Embark on an expedition in search of the legendary Holy Grail, an ancient relic that has been stirring the spirits of adventurers around the world since the Middle [...]

Woop: Chernobyl


Woop: Chernobyl Story Did you expect a night trip to Chernobyl to explore the abandoned reactor to be a fun adventure? Well… now you’re inside fighting for your life. The reactor is not out of action and you are trapped inside it! Will you be able to escape before the oxygen runs out? [...]

Woop: Maniac


Woop: Maniac Story You wake up in a dark room. Suddenly you hear a familiar voice which says ” I WANNA PLAY A GAME”. You realize you are trapped inside a crazy man’s lair, who wants you to play his riddiculus game. Are you going to win the game and earn your freedom? [...]

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