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Safety first!

The Association GIZ ER.SI is preparing guidelines to more precisely define escape room activities as well as set forth the technical recommendations and other solutions that represent the lowest risk for the business-owner or the players.

2d9176ad54da93442dca878653dece2cA few of our safety recommendations include:

  1. While we may lock players in a room, we never know when there might be an emergency situation in which someone would have to leave the room immediately by the same door through which one entered. That is why we recommend an SOS button that unlocks the door or an SOS box with a key that the player can use to unlock the door in an emergency. In case of fire, the Gamemaster may not be able to get to the door to let the players out, thus it is essential that they are able to get out in such circumstances on their own.
  2. The business carrying out escape room activities should have liability insurance.
  3. Clearly mark all dangerous objects (and electrical parts) that are not part of the game play.
  4. Ensure that the players know the rules and ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement and waiver.
  5. Ensure that electric gadgets and props operate at a lower voltage (12V).

Safety Guidelines (coming soon)

What is an Escape room and what is not? 

What is an escape room?

The Association GIZ ER.SI defines an escape room as a time-limited first-person game, as a rule designed for smaller groups (2 to 5 persons), playing (as a rule) indoors. The Association does not wish to restrict the creativity of the members or the field as such in creating variations that may deviate from these rules. However, in the interest of maintaining the visibility of the field, as founders of the Association GIZ ER.SI, we have decided for this distinction for the activities that may carry the title of escape room.

Activity Guidelines (coming soon)