Safety first!

Members of the Slovenian Association of the Escape Room Activities GIZ ER.SI are strictly following the safety guidelines to ensure that escape room games are a safe and fun activity. 

Safety recommendations:

  1. Players must be able to leave the game / exit the room at any time – the point of the game is to solve a mission. Players must be able to open the door and leave the game at any part of the game.

  2. In case the door is locked with a magnetic lock, a clearly marked “SOS button” must be installed at a visible place next to the door / according to the local standards.

  3. If there is a fuel-burning appliance/heater or fireplace in the room a carbon monoxide alarm must be installed. The personnel must be informed of the procedures of action. The providers adhere to the regulations and rules set by local legislation from fire and other relevant areas for this activity.

  4. Electric gadgets and props operate at a lower voltage (12V).

  5. Anything in the room, that is not part of the game and could cause any danger if not handled properly – is clearly marked as “not part of the game”.

  6. The players are informed about the rules, SOS keys and exit options, the “not part of the game” signs, and terms and conditions prior to signing the waiver and entering the game.

We encourage creators, owners, and managers of escape games all over the world to join the Association to work together – to create, harmonize, and adopt ethical and safety guidelines and rules for a complete industry all over the globe and to ensure the best gaming experience for everybody.

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What is an Escape room and what is not? 

What is an escape room?

The Association GIZ ER.SI defines an escape room as a time-limited first-person game, usually designed for smaller groups playing indoors. The Association does not wish to restrict the creativity of the members of the field as such in creating variations that may deviate from these rules and safety standards above. However, in the interest of maintaining the visibility of the field, as founders of the Association GIZ ER.SI, we have decided on this distinction for the activities that may carry the title of an escape room.