Dear Escape Room colleagues and enthusiasts!

Welcome to the website of the Slovenian special economic interest group for escape room activities. In the escape rooms that we have created and run, we see the importance of cooperation everyday. For that very reason, we have take cooperation in our young and promising field as a guiding principle and joined our common interests under the auspices of the Association of Escape Room Activities of Slovenia GIZ ER.SI.

The aim of the special economic interest group of escape room activities known as the Association GIZ ER.SI is to facilitate and promote the gainful activity of its members, improve and enhance the results of these new activities and promote best practices and business ethics.

Our members recognize that this new branch represents a healthy form of entertainment and a new, interesting and promising segment of the tourist industry that until now has been insufficiently recognized, therefore, under the auspices of the Association GIZ ER.SI, the members will carrying out a common promotional campaign with the objective of  developing the market, mutually promoting and categorizing our offer in the same way that cinemas, museums, amusement parks and the like are categorized and ensure the appropriate listing of our category on their web portals.

Because the members of the Association GIZ ER.SI have a common goal:

To not only create excellent rooms and offer unforgettable experiences but also to present Slovenia and its capital city as one of the places with the best offer of escape room games. The members of the Association GIZ ER.SI will take care to continuously raise the quality of our services through the exchange of knowledge, experience, best practices and mutual promotion.

In the same spirit, our members wish to enforce certain “standard” procedures and rules to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as well as the highest quality services.

In particular, the Association GIZ ER.SI:

  • Represents the common interests of its members in dealing with the state administration bodies, tourist and other organizations, as well as the media and other organizations when issues and questions arise that relate to the activities of the broader “escape game” category;
  • Establishes links to business, to various organizations, and to tourist, scientific, technical and other institutions in order to promote the development of the market and to facilitate promotional activities;
  • Advises and recommends measures to promote the unification and modernization of the businesses of its members, their organizations, technology of labour and standardization;
  • Performs a consultory role;
  • Organizes the exchange of information, experiences and best practices;
  • Participates in the making of common standards and solutions in the field of business;
  • Provides important information among its members;
  • Organizes meetings and staff training;
  • Issues a training certificate;
  • Organizes consultory conferences and meetings;
  • Issues a public newsletter or bulletin for the escape room field for the purpose of informing and educating its members;
  • Organizes and implements collaborative projects and mutual promotions.

The Association GIZ ER.SI carries out its activities in the preceding paragraph for the needs of its members. In accordance with the law, the Association GIZ ER.SI may perform other transactions that are in the interest of its members, however, it does not mean, that it performs these activities independent of the Association. The Association GIZ ER.SI performs this business on its own account.

Members of the Association GIZ ER.SI invite all providers of escape room activities who share the same vision to join us!