We respect the fundamental values of originality, cooperation, integrity, quality and safety, which are reflected in the following provisions:

  1. ORIGINALITY – We do not copy ideas from other games, nor do we copy their texts, puzzles, gameplay, concepts for gadgets, advertising slogans …
  2. COOPERATION – Because we have a common interest in making Slovenia widely known as a country with the best escape room games, we selflessly share our knowledge and experience among members and help one another to provide better services.
  3. INTEGRITY – We rigorously take into account the rules and legislation on intellectual property rights, consumer protection and fair competition.
  4. QUALITY – We strive to provide the highest quality services.
  5. SAFETY – We put the safety of our staff and our players first.

Relationship towards the players:

  1. PERSONAL DATA – We protect the personal data of our players in accordance with the applicable legislation.
  2. CONFIDENTIALITY – The game play of individual players is considered a trade secret: “What happens in the room, stays in the room!” The same applies to all puzzles, codes, ciphers, secret passageways, etc. and we do not talk about them or reveal them to others.
  3. BRIEFING AND DEBRIEFING – It is important that we take time for each group to explain to them the instructions before the game and to talk with them a little bit after the game.
  4. A PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT – We ensure that the rooms and equipment are well-maintained and that the general feeling in the rooms is pleasant and welcoming.
  5. SAFETY – We are committed to following all safety standards and regulations. Players must always have the possibility to exit through the same door by which they entered or by an exit path that is clearly delineated; the doors should be clearly visible and open by a key accessible in an SOS box or by an SOS button. Electrical devices that are part of the game must be safe and, if possible, operate at a voltage of 12 V or less.
  6. COMPLAINTS AND CRITICISM – Any potential complaints are resolved promptly in such a way that is respectful to the player and effective. We investigate any criticism that arises and confirm its merit and also do our best to prevent its repetition.
  7. MISSION – Above all, we aim to offer players a comprehensively fun experience that they will never forget.
  8. MARKETING AND PROMOTION – We market, promote and advertise our services / rooms / offers / games in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Relations among members:

  1. Because the members of the Association GIZ ER.SI have common goals, we advise one another and exchange best practices.
  2. In our marketing and advertising campaigns and activities we do not engage in unfair competition or behavior and we respect the rules of TripAdvisor.
  3. We introduce ourselves when we play the game(s) of another provider.
  4. We welcome new members and new ideas!

The Code of Ethics is valid as of 20. 4. 2017.