Enigmarium: Unlock® Bled by electric bikes

The sory

On the Jelovica Plateau above Lake Bled once lived Divja Baba. She was known for her miracle lotions, strange potions and questionable magic spells. She was good-hearted, but unfortunately, she wasn’t very good at casting spells.
One day, she tried to help the local farmers and cast a spell to make the cows fly to the pasture on their own, but she stumbled and accidentally turned herself to stone.

Do you want to join the legends of Bled?

Prove that you are cast from the right model! Solve the witch’s challenge, uncover the secret spell and save the witch.

Important information

  • From 2 to 8 players

  • the game lasts 120 minutes

  • Suitable for players over 12 years old

  • Slovene, English, all languages

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