Enigmarium: The Lost Submarine – Operation Waterman


Enigmarium: The Lost Submarine; Operation Waterman Story Do you remember Ljubljana’s legend about the Waterman who kidnapped the beautiful, flirtatious, picky Urška? While at a dance on the banks of the Ljubljanica River, she rejected suitors one by one until she met the Waterman and and her flirtatiousness cost her life. Your mission? [...]

Enigmarium: When the full moon rises – The return of the Werewolf


Enigmarium: When the full moon rises The return of the Werewolf Story Since our games are located on Trdinova ulica, we sought inspiration from the folk stories found in Tales and Legends of the Gorjanci Hills by Janez Trdina. We’ve revived the tale of the Werewolf, which can only be freed if ... [...]

The Key: Da Vinci – Sherlock room


The Key: Da Vinci - Sherlock room Your adventure begins in the mysterious Leonardo Da Vinci's room and later continues into the premises of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. This is a classical escape room with many different padlocks, hidden objects, small, but nevertheless important details, and many puzzles. If you think logically and [...]

Woop: Iluminati


Woop: Iluminati Story Enter a world of intrigue, conspiracy and elite social groups who want to reshape the world according to their own evil standards. Embark on an expedition in search of the legendary Holy Grail, an ancient relic that has been stirring the spirits of adventurers around the world since the Middle [...]

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