The comprehensive list of the Association GIZ ER.SI with all escape rooms of Slovenian members, which was updated at the end of October, is published on the website under the section “TOP REGIONAL SITES.”

The page of the global escape room ranking TERPECA (Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts’ Choice Award) is a list of the best escape rooms in the world, chosen by the most experienced escape room enthusiasts. Today, it is undoubtedly the most relevant site where players seek ideas on where to play the best games worldwide. Not TripAdvisor, not Google, not Facebook – Terpeca is the site that escape room enthusiasts visit for inspiration, even traveling up to 5,000 km for the purpose of playing. And when they arrive in a city, they play all the games, not just one.

The page dedicated to regional directories solves the issue that English-speaking player-supporting escape rooms in countries and regions are more likely to dominate the TERPECA ranking. To avoid overlooking many top-notch escape rooms available worldwide, the TOP REGIONAL SITES section presents a list of some of the most trustworthy regional websites from around the world – primarily focusing on sites that offer aggregated recommendations, lists, or rankings derived from the opinions of many participants (The TERPECA Project is not affiliated with any of the mentioned websites).

We are very proud of this publication, as it will contribute to the recognition of Slovenia on the global map of escape room activities – members of the Slovenian Association of Escape Room Activities have been investing a lot of effort into this for many years.